Organisations that help children

The aim of many organisations is to to improve the life of children worldwide. We collected information about some of them and underneath you canfind more about their goals, how to volunteer or fundraise, donate or get involved in their work.

Please note, we do not have any partnership or contract relationswith them.If you are interested in getting involved in any of the activities or if you would like to get help or advice,we strongly advice you to perform your own research before deciding which one of the organisations to approach.

The organisations are arranged in alphabetical order.



Where do they work? In the UK

What is their aim? To transform the life of UK’s most vulnerable children.

This charity uses several approaches:

-        they work with local authorities across the UK to provide a broad range of fostering and adoption services. More information on:

-        they run 15 services across the UK to support young carers and their families. To find more about this activity click here:

-        they run child sexual support services for young people at risk in the community. To learn more about this click here:

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Children in Need

Where do they work? UK – it is BBC’s UK corporate charity

Who do they do? They provide grants to projects in the UK which focus on disadvantaged children and young people. Currently they fund 2,600 projects. For instance, they fund the annual XP Owl Camp where children with very rare skin condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum could play safely together. 

More about what they do you could find here:

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Grandparents Plus

Where do they work? England and Wales 
What do they do? 

This charity champions the vital role of grandparents and other member of the extended family in children’s lives. They do this by ensuring access to a quality service and information about upbringing of children. Funded by the Big Lottery Fund, Grandparents Plus has developed a network called “Grandparents Plus Support Network”. This network aims to bring together grandparents who are raising their grandchildren and other kinship carers. It gives them the opportunity to share experiences with each other. 

To learn more about the Grandparents Plus activities: 
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Save the children

Save the Children 


Save the children is a charity that exists since 1932. They work in isolated rural areas in 120 countries worldwide. They provide health and education support and implement small scale projects for families in need. They help children in crisis situations such as the tsunami in 2004.

 For more information on what they do click here:

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Supporting Kids in Poverty (Peru)

 Where do they work? Several locations in El Porvenir, located on the outskirts of the city of Trujillo, on the north coast of Peru.

Their aim: To enable children to reach their full potential through quality education, economically-stable families and healthy home environments.

To hear more about the charity  listen the two podcasts where SKIP’s current director, Liz Wilson talks about volunteering opportunities and what inspires her about the work of the charity:

For more info also watch “What is SKIP” at:

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sure start children's centres

Sure Start Children’s Centre

Where are they suited? Various locations across the UK

What do they aim? To improve the life of children under the age of 5 and their families. 

What do they offer? Family support, play sessions, child care, early years education and health care services, parenting programmes. 

Watch their video to learn more about their activities and to hear the opinion of parents who attend one of the centres:

Find your Local Sure Start Children’s Centre:

children better

The Children’s Society

Were do their work?  Several locations in the UK

What they do?  Existing since 1881, this charity aim to improve the life of disadvantaged children and young people through their network of programmes and service centres in the UK. In particular, this charity is interested in helping: disabled children, children affected by adult substance misuse, young refugees, children at risk on the streets, children in trouble with the law. Further, this charity researches various child-related issues and based on their findings lobbies the UK government to act.

To learn more about their work:  

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UNICEF - United Nations Children’s Fund 

UNICEF is the world leading organisation working for children and children’s rights. They work with families, governments and business partners to help children in more than 190 countries to reach their full potential.

To learn more about UNICEF mission go to: