Health is very important for child’s happiness. Healthy children grow older as healthy adults. In this section we explore one of the current hot topics related to child’s health – does sugar have negative impact on the kid’s health? We show below two controversial opinions on the topic. You decide which one is more convincing and which side you are going to take.

Opinion 1: Sugar has a negative impact on child’s health

The first opinion is supported by Professor Robert Lustig working at the University of California. The video “Is Sugar Toxic” is a short interview with Professor Lustig. Motivated by the number of obese children – his own patients, doctor Lustig researched the impacts of sugar and concluded that sugar more than all other substances is to blame for obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. In this video you can see two studies that provide scientific evidences in support to Professor Lustig’s theory.

Professor Lustig published a dozen articles on evils of sugar. But the best way he brought his message to the masses is via his youtube video, called  “Sugar: the Bitter Truth” where he explains in depth his idea. You can click to watch this video underneath.


Opinion 2: Sugar does not have a negative impact on child’s health


This opinion is hold by the Associate Professor Dr. Aaron Carroll working at the Indiana University. In the video “ Sugar doesn’t make kids hyper” he explains why a stronger prove is needed in order to conclude that sugar has a negative impact on children. One of the reasons he lists is parenting. Some parents are so crazy about sugar that when their kids get candies they are really really excited and act hyper out of happiness. Watch the video to learn more about his vision.