People involved in the project

28th of January 2013 – Raising awareness of significance of child well-being

Amy Gardiner and Nic Majerus

Amy is completing a BA degree in Accounting and Management and Nic a BA in Psychology at the University of York. They worked fast and effectively together to research the best promotional pen for this event.

Bhavy Seewoorutun

She is a student in Psychology at the University of York. She found the finest sweets that we put in our promotional packets. Her enthusiasm in preparation the promotional packets which we gave, was very valuable.

Caroline Savage and Shannon Basson

Caroline is a student in Psychology and Shannon is a student in History at the University of York. Their creative thinking was of a great significance in designing the text of the presentation and slides for this event.

Daphne Krystallidou

She is a student in Psychology at the University of York who helped in the designing and distributing of promotional leaflets for the event. Her wonderful communication skills were very useful in talking to people face-to-face.

Lucy Hodkin and Lydia Mihailovic

Lucy is a student in Psychology and Lydia is student in English at the University of York. Both of them proofread texts for the event. They are talented writers whose skills were extremely valuable in addressing the creation of appropriate communication message to various organisations to join this ev

Liviu Pirvan

His knowledge in Photoshop helped in designing our events heart shaped logo.

Lyubomir Chernev

He helped in event organisation dealing with the technical issues during its preparation.

Natalia Bonilla

Natalia is a journalist and possesses a M.A. in International Relations from the University of York. Natalia’s energy and creative thinking assisted in the designing our wonderful goal message, whilst her experience helped us to find our target base.

30th of October 2013 – Raising awareness of child poverty in Peru

Angela Privat  

Coming from Peru and having a first-hand perspective of the situation in her country, she found the documentary with the child’s moving account of his own life – which fascinated our public and was a brilliant example of the terrible impact than poverty can have on an individual’s life

Gabriela Gross and Kitty Cheng

Gabriela and Kitty actively took part in organising and advertising our event. They contacted different societies to advertise our event initiative, took part in our walking advert campaign, used positive body language when approaching people and convinced them to join our event. They developed the advertisement text themselves; Kitty gave brilliant advert ideas while Gabriella gave amazing presentation content ideas. They were also two of our presenters during the event.

Liviu Pirvan and Quynh Ahn Doan

These two people are constant members of our project, always willing to get involved in any of our actives. Photoshop – being their strength, they worked together on designing a positive and engaging leaflet.

Stephen Lawlor and Juan Luis Loredo 

Stephen and Juan worked on the presentation content. Juan found reliable statistics and information from which Stephen extracted the most important points and with the help of the rest of group made narrative for this presentation. As a native speaker, Stephen has also done some proof reading for our advertisement materials.

Yi Zhuang, Ellen Kwan and Horacio Hoyos

Yi Zhuang, Ellen Kwan and Horacio Hoyos were our active supporters. Yi Zhuang supported our advertisement text writing by giving few ideas, Ellen joined our advert walking campaign and Horacio proved to be a very engaging and enthusiastic presenter during the event.