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Raising awareness of child poverty in Peru 30/10/2013

Happiness worldwide co-operated with the Latin American Society to organise an event to help raise awareness of child poverty in Peru.
Our event kicked off by presenting some key facts and some shocking statistics of child poverty in Peru, the detrimental impact this had on the children’s wellbeing and a very moving story given by a young child detailing exactly how awful the conditions were and how they lived on a daily basis. We also gave those in attendance the opportunity to express their own opinions on what impact poverty had on children. The presenters of this segment were Horacio, Lidiya, Gabriela and Kitty. The second part of our presentation was led by Liz Wilson, our guest speaker. She is a current director of SKIP NGO and a graduate from Masters of Social Work from the University of York. She spoke about her experiences with children in the El Povenir and Trujilio region and how the charity in which she works dedicates its existence in improving the quality of life for children and their families. We got the news out to let people know about this presentation by braving the rain, walking around campus and talking to students from various departments. We also distributed 150 leaflets and whilst people were unable to attend they showed great interest and concern for child poverty in Peru and some asked for more information to be emailed to them. The photos underneath show just a few of our amazing team members who organised this event and the leaflet designed by Quynh and Liviu for this event.



Photographer: Harold A. Guizar

Raising awareness of significance of child well-being 28/01/2013 

Our event kicked off by opening a discussion with our public of what child well-being is. We outlined key factors influencing the well-being of children such as education, parental involvement, health and safety etc. We outlined the importance of our goals by supporting them with solid evidence. This event was a real success with a lot of people joining our newsletter, our team and willing to take part in further project activities. We gave promotional packets to all people who came. Below you can see photos from the event.

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